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Best Gaming Laptops under $500: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42-R5ED Best Gaming LaptopsAcer Aspire 5ASUS VivoBook 15

There is no denying the blow-up of the gaming industry. Technology has created a revolution where games are as close to reality as they can get. It is an indulgence whose popularity has only seen a rise ever since its inception.

If you are a proud member of the club of gamers and your preferred video games include names like Fortnite, Far Cry 5, The Witcher 3, etc., then you need to be equipped with the right gear. The price spectrum may go a little overboard with the list of technical requirements, but you can still buy the best gaming laptop under $500.

You don’t have to stress out about researching what to look for and where to find it. All that you need is here. Keep reading to find out the important factors before buying the best gaming laptop under $500 and then go on to find your perfect match from the list.


Factors To Look For In Best Gaming Laptops Under $500?

1. Narrow Down Your Priorities

The market is brimming with the best technologies. Gaming laptops require high-end technical components for an excellent experience. Prioritizing your gaming requirements will not only help set up a budget, but will also make your search convenient.

When you outline a budget, it becomes easier to mark out the components you need and the ones that you can let go of. Such selection can be in terms of the intensity of the games you prefer, whether you want online streaming and if you want to carry your laptop around or not. Also, if you are working or in school, you would want a laptop that works well for all activities. Consider every aspect of usage and then finalize the specifications that you may need.

2. GPU

Gaming is all about the visual experience. What makes the visuals stand out and deliver an excellent performance is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). While looking for a budget gaming laptop, a good GPU should be your primary pick. A basic understanding of GPU is that all the data of a game, from images and texture to animations and light, essentially, everything that you see on your screen is a gift of GPU’s hard work.

If you are wondering whether CPU can do the work of GPU, the answer is yes, but the games have evolved with such intense graphics that a specialized processing unit is required to deliver the highest level of performance. Also, the more sophisticated the GPU is, the superior will be the result on your screen. It will be of a higher resolution and the motion will also be smoother and faster.

A GPU can be dedicated or integrated. While the latter is cheaper, the former is known to perform better for gaming laptops. The most well-known names in the market for GPUs are Nvidia and AMD. It is important to take your time before settling for a GPU as you will not be able to upgrade later.

3. CPU

CPU is the brain that does most of the work, from processing information for GPU to display on the screen, to making lags a thing of the past. A high-class GPU is to be matched by a processor of a similar level. All your inputs and instructions are processed and calculated by the CPU. It is what gives GPU power and makes the entire gaming experience smooth.

While looking for a decent CPU within a budget, you must consider its clock speed and cores. It is best to choose higher clock speeds and at least a dual-core processor for a gaming laptop.
The best processing unit would definitely be the latest model like intel i9 or i7 but if you are focused on finding the best gaming laptops under $500, go for an i5 quad-core or AMD Ryzen 3 or 5 processor.


To keep up with the powerful CPU and GPU, sufficient RAM and VRAM is important.
A RAM acts like a temporary storage that loads the data of your games from the hard drive. It is a faster and seamless way of running the games. The higher the RAM capacity, the smoother the gaming experience.

For the GPU to deliver high-quality output, a dedicated VRAM is necessary. VRAM works to present complex graphics like texture and 3D effects. The capacity of a VRAM depends on the setting of your gaming. The higher the resolution, the bigger the size of the VRAM.

5. Display

If you are investing in a gaming laptop, a decent display is an important aspect to consider. The high-quality graphics, a good GPU and CPU will be of no use if the screen resolution is average.

However, to stay within a budget, go for a laptop with high brightness. Also, if you love fast-paced action, consider looking at the refresh rate. A higher number will result in less laggy and sharper images.

The size of the display depends on your preference. If you want a portable laptop go for a smaller size like 15 inches otherwise go all out for a 17 inches screen.

6. Thermal Management

When you run demanding operations like graphically intensive games, your laptop has to function a lot harder which will result in heat generation. This phenomenon can hinder the performance and cause lags if the heat level goes beyond the normal amount. With gaming laptops, overheating is bound to happen. Make sure your laptop is equipped with proper thermal management and fans to keep the hardware cool and functioning.

7. Storage Space

Gaming has a lot to do with speed. A lag of even a second can ruin your crucial moments. To keep up with the high velocity of games and quicker actions, along with the already mentioned components, you also need a generous amount of storage.

Laptops can have either a solid-state drive (SSD) or a hard disk drive (HDD). Gamers look for a rapid response rate and hence prefer SSD. Even though it is on the costly side, it is much faster than HDD. An SDD also uses less battery life and is more convenient than a HDD. But, if you are looking for the best gaming laptop under $500, choose one with an SSD and buy an HDD for additional storage.

8. Keyboard

When you are into gaming action, your adrenaline shows up onto the keyboard. You must look for a sturdy keyboard that can handle your excited key presses. Look for keyboards with a high key travel and actuation as it increases endurance. While backlighting is an aesthetic necessity, anti-ghosting is a primary component. It identifies and registers every keypress even if done simultaneously.

9. Battery Life

Gaming laptops are stuffed with high-quality elements that will drain your battery much faster than a standard notebook. Usually, a pro-gamer would always have his gear plugged in, but if you are looking for portability, go for one that at least gives you a 5 hour run time. Also, avoid buying touchscreens as they use up a lot of battery life.

10. Wifi

If you are a gamer that loves online games and streaming, you should take a look at the wifi standard of the laptop before settling the deal. Make sure it is up to date so that your gaming experience is always smooth as butter.

Once you have gone through all the significant factors that you must consider before investing in your gaming rig, it is time for you to start comparing and make a decision. Here is a list to help you find your best gaming laptop under $500.

Top 15 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 in 2020

1. Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42-R5ED

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42-R5ED Best Gaming Laptops

One of the best gaming laptop for $500 is the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42-R5ED. The laptop not only has sturdy looks but is packed with a list of high-quality specs for a budget price. This amazing product is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor with four cores and a clock speed of 2.0 GHz that can rise up to 3.6 GHz with a precision boost.

To get the best output, along with a good processor, you need to have a generous amount of RAM and storage. Acer Nitro 5 gives you an 8 GB DDR4 memory and a 7200 rpm SATA hard disk drive of 1TB. It will not only guarantee speed but will also keep you away from the worry of enough storage space for your game progresses and data.

If your priority is a stunning display which delivers fantastic graphics, this laptop might be the right pick for you. With a 15.6 “ widescreen LED backlit-IPS display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080, get ready for crisp and high-quality visuals. Gamers know the value of great graphics and Acer Nitro 5’s AMD Radeon RX 560x promises an excellent delivery of even the complex graphics. Its 4 GB GDDR5 dedicated VRAM only amplifies the gaming experience by giving fast transitions and fewer lags. All of this combined with the Optimized Dolby Audio, only makes everything better.

The laptop has the latest windows 10 software and has an attractive keyboard with iron red backlight settings. The Dual-fan cooling system prevents overheating and maintains the right temperature to keep the system working with ease. With Nitro Sense, you can manage the fan speed and keep a real-time check on the temperature of the laptop. Even with all the heavy and powerful components, this laptop can run for a good 5 hours. When you are looking to buy the best gaming laptop under $500, Acer Nitro 5 sits within the budget without many compromises.


2. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

You may be looking for a budget deal in gaming rigs, but that does not mean you have to settle for anything less. Another laptop that is in the list of best gaming laptops under $500 is the Acer Aspire 5 A515-54-51DJ. It is a laptop with slim and elegant looks, and offers easy portability with a weight of only 3.97 pounds.

The most important aspect of every laptop is its brain- the CPU. Here, you get the power of intel with an 8th generation quad-core i5-8265U processor that boasts a clock speed of up to 3.9 GHz. Matched with an 8 GB DDR4 RAM, all the apps and games in the system will load with maximum smoothness.

Whether you like playing online or prefer to download your games, a PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive of 256 GB will never leave you concerned about storage. Also, an SSD will make processing faster and easier. The graphics are powered by an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. While it is perfect for casual gaming that supports mid-level graphics, it may not be the best choice for fast-paced and graphically demanding games.

The laptop comes with a Windows 10 Home operating system and Acer True Harmony that guarantees deep bass and loud sound. Coming to the display section, Acer Aspire 5 has a widescreen 15.6 inches LED-backlit IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The visuals are enhanced with Acer Colour Intelligence to give you clean and vibrant images on the screen. On top of the high-end specs, with a lithium-ion battery, you get a run time of a maximum of 9 hours. If you indulge in a lot of gaming, you might still be able to get a 4 to 5-hours battery life. Adding to the user-friendly components, you also get a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader on the laptop.
It is a good grab if you are looking for the best gaming laptop under $500.


3. ASUS VivoBook 15 ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS has come up with VivoBook 15 which serves stunning looks and high-class specifications. It is one of the best gaming laptop under $500. The best part about this laptop is its four-sided nano edge display. With an 88 % screen to body ratio, you will be stunned by the image quality on its 15.6 inches anti-glare full HD screen.

Whether you are excited for an intense match or ready for a movie night, the widescreen along with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 will give you an ultimate visual experience. Its ergonomic design includes a slim body and a weight of 3.5 pounds. It is not bulky and gives you the freedom of carrying it wherever and whenever you like.

The laptop is powered by AMD Ryzen 5-3500u processor with four cores and a clock speed of up to 3.6 GHz. An 8 GB DDR4 RAM adds to the excellent performance of the laptop. With such a powerful CPU and large RAM, expect nothing but speed.

For the graphics, you get an integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 with an 8 GB VRAM. This GPU gives impressive results in low and medium game settings. It is also known to consume less power hence giving you longer battery life. In ASUS VivoBook 15, you can get a run time of up to 7 hours.

If you are looking for a good amount of storage space, this laptop can be your right pick. It offers a Solid State Drive of 256 GB so that you can keep going with your downloads. To enhance your typing experience, unlike the traditional design, ASUS gives you a chiclet keyboard with a backlight setting.

An additional element of this laptop is a fingerprint reader that improves the privacy of your data. Along with the best combination of specifications, you also get the trusted Windows 10 Home operating system. Loaded with the best components, you cannot ask for a better product.


4. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

Acer joins the market for the best gaming laptops under $500 with Acer Aspire 5. It supports an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor with two cores and 3.5 GHz clock speed. Such speed can help you keep up with all types of complex tasks with ease.

With a good processor, you need enough RAM to match the pace. This laptop has 4 GB DDR4 memory that compliments the CPU’s performance. If you are into multitasking or heavy programmes, Acer Aspire 5 will get you through everything, smoothly.

This laptop is designed to be convenient and portable. It has a sleek body and can be easily carried for travel or work with a weight of only 3.97 pounds. Its body also flaunts a unique speaker design with Acer True Harmony that boosts the sound quality.

For a gaming laptop, you must pay attention to its Graphics Processing Unit. Acer Aspire 5 has an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphics to give you a quality video and gaming experience. It will provide you with the best performance for low and middle gaming settings and less intense graphics.

When you have to fit in a budget, it is not very easy to find the best features. Here, while staying within $500 you get a stunning display. A 15.6 inches full HD widescreen is added with LED-backlight IPS display and a resolution of 1980 x 1080, which ensures rich and bright colours along with crisp image quality.

While the brilliant visuals will keep you glued to the screen, the Acer blue light shield will make sure that your eyes do not experience any strain. The storage capacity is also quite decent with a PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive of 128 GB.

Here, too, you get the reliant operating system of Windows 10 in S mode which keeps your privacy intact. The keyboard is enhanced with backlight settings to let you work in any environment.

Last but not least, an essential criterion for finding the best gaming laptop under $500 is its battery life. This laptop claims to have an operating time of up to 7.5 hours.


5. 2019 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6″ 

2019 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6"

Lenovo Ideapad is a 2019 model that offers an AMD A9-9425 processor with dual-core that can deliver a clock speed of up to 3.7 GHz. Along with its 4 GB DDR4 RAM, you can expect a smooth operation of mid-level apps and online surfing. You also get a 128 GB Solid State Drive that reduces loading time and makes every task quicker and easier.

As for the laptops Graphics Processing Unit, it is powered by a dedicated AMD Radeon R5 processor. It goes along well with the laptop’s resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It might not be the preference of mainstream gamers, but if you are into casual gaming in addition to the daily usage, 2019 Lenovo Ideapad can be your right pick.

The laptop has a 15.6 inches HD screen with an energy-efficient backlight display and a Windows 10 64-bit software. For people who are involved in recording or creating samples on CDs, you can make use of the built-in optical drive on this laptop.


6. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 laptop will catch your attention with its well finished, polycarbonate build. The thin bezel provides more screen surface so that you have more working space for yourself. Its 15.6 inches widescreen is full HD with LED-backlit IPS display. So be assured of stunning image quality.

The laptop is equipped with Acer Color intelligence which improves the tones and colours for best performance. You can work on your laptop for long hours without straining them with Acer’s blue light shield. This app allows you to control blue light emissions as per your comfort.

The laptop design also features innovative speakers with Acer True Harmony that will make you sway to the music even more. To add to its user-friendliness, Acer Aspire 5 comes with a spacious keyboard with backlight settings. If you want a laptop that you can travel with or take to your place of work, Acer Aspire 5 is a bargain. Its compact form and a weight of only 3.97 pounds, makes it easy to carry anywhere.

While the look and design check a lot of boxes, the working gear makes it the best gaming laptop under $500. The CPU is an 8th generation Intel i3 8145u processor which can offer a maximum of 3.9 GHz clock speed. Together with a 4 GB DDR4 RAM and a PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive of 128 GB, multitasking will be fun.

Experience fast processing and play your favourite games with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. With an i3 processor, this GPU is ideal for casual gaming on low to medium settings. You can expect speed and crisp graphics for less demanding software and apps.

For a budget, this laptop gives you an operating system of Microsoft Windows in S mode and a battery life of up to 7.5 hours.


7. 2019 ASUS VivoBook F510QA

019 ASUS VivoBook F510QA

If you spend most of your day in front of the computer screen then Asus ViviBook F510QA will perfectly match your personality. Beginning with the design of the product, this laptop has a thin and portable footprint with a 0.3 inch Nano Edge bezel. Such innovative and compact built gives you a widescreen of 15.6 inches with an 80 % screen to body ratio for comfortable viewing.

The display has an anti-glare coating that avoids reflections and reduces eye strain.
As far as the software is concerned, you get a Windows 10 in S mode that keeps your privacy and delivers convenient performance. Apart from the build and display, Asus VivoBook F510QA incorporates decent specifications.

For a CPU, you get an AMD A12-9720P processor with four cores and a clock speed of 2.7 GHz that can be boosted to up to 3.6 GHz. A 4GB DDR4 RAM compliments the processor to deliver fast data processing. Such specifications are ideal for a work laptop which involves a lot of multitasking.

While cloud storage is the trend nowadays, this laptop gives you sufficient memory with a Solid State Drive of 128 GB for all your movies, games and memorable photographs. While you can easily access all your precious data, enjoy your favourite movie with quality visuals with an integrated AMD Radeon R7. It provides perfect graphics for basic usages like internet surfing and editing.

For a gamer, this GPU can deliver impressive results on a low setting and for casual game graphics, while it may not be the best option for high settings and graphics-intensive software. It is also important to make sure that the laptop you buy does not give up on you too soon. For this reason, this laptop can be your match as it claims to give a battery life of up to 6 hours. By giving you a lot under a budget, ASUS Vivo Book is one of the best gaming laptop under $500.


8. Asus Notebook X555QA

Asus Notebook X555QA

Upgrades are always better, especially when they come wrapped in a budget deal. Here, you get to have a customized ASUS Notebook X555QA with a 7th generation AMD A12-9720P processor with two cores and 2.7 GHz clock speed that can boost up to 3.6 GHz. Such power will glide you through all your daily tasks with ease and speed. Its 8 GB RAM will only help in faster data loading and smooth operations.

The laptop is upgraded with a Solid State Drive of 256 GB so you can keep your data, from favourite games to classic movies, all in one place. SSDs are more convenient and faster than HDDs and also saves up on power. ASUS gives you large SSD storage for under $500 which is impressive.

For the Graphics Processor, you have the AMD Radeon R7 Series. With the laptop’s screen resolution of 1366 x 768, this GPU can deliver graphics with a fair amount of details. Its 15.6 HD display with WLED backlight standard viewing angle, you receive clear and widescreen visuals.

This laptop can give you a good gaming time with your peers. For online gaming and more connectivity, this laptop has Bluetooth, the latest Wifi standard of 802.11 b/g/n and plenty of ports from the sd card reader and microphone jack to 3.0 USB port and HDMI.

While you want to have the best gaming experience, protecting your privacy is also important. With Windows 10 Pro, you get a more secure place for your data. As for battery life, you can keep working for a long time, without having to worry about charging. Asus Notebook X555QA can give a maximum run time of 8 hours – which is fantastic for a laptop of this price range.

If you are looking for portability, this might not be a handy product. It is bulky and can weigh up to 13 pounds.


9. HP 15.6″ HD

HP 15.6" HD

With the rise of the gaming industry, every company is trying to launch the best product to enter the competition. If you are a gamer, complete your search for the best gaming laptop under $500 with the HP 15 touch screen laptop. It sits within your budget and provides a good list of specifications.

The 15.6 inches HD display comes with a touch screen and WLED backlight technology. With a resolution of 1366 x 768 and BrightView glossy screen, expect vibrant images and vivid colours. The touch screen may drain off the battery a little faster but the 3 lithium-ion battery will give you enough run time.

The laptop is powered by an AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen 5 Processor which supports four cores and can give a clock speed of up to 3.7 GHz. This powerful processor works with an 8 GB DDR4 RAM to give you the freedom of multitasking with smoothness and speed. Whether you like working on different tabs simultaneously or have to run heavy software, be assured to get the best performance.

Nobody likes to tackle poor visuals – especially during an intense gaming match or your favourite movie scenes. HP gives you the trust of an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 chipset to deliver impressive image quality that enhances your viewing. As for gaming, this processor is suitable for low to medium settings and casual gaming graphics.

Enjoy the fast downloading and easy accessibility to all your private data with a Solid State Drive of 128 GB. The laptop supports Windows 10 Home 64 bit as the operating system with the latest features and ensures to keep your privacy intact. In addition to all the top-level hardware, the laptop also has Bluetooth, an optical drive and stereo speakers for you to enjoy the best tunes.


10. HP Pavilion 15.6-Inch

HP Pavilion 15.6-Inch

HP joins the ride to create the best gaming laptops under $500 with its flagship HP Pavilion touchscreen laptop. It is one thing to get reasonable quality specs under a budget, but this laptop adds to the temptation with a touch screen. It keeps up with the modern style and improves accessibility.

The eye catches the curvy build and its subtle gold hue. The model is also not that bulky. It has a weight of about 4.82 pounds so you can easily carry it around. The design also features an HD Wide vision webcam to let you enjoy video chats with friends and family.

Moving on to the main aspects of a laptop, the HP Pavilion touchscreen Laptop has an Intel i5-6200U processor that supports dual-core and renders a clock speed of up to 2.6 GHz with a Max Turbo Boost. A powerful processor needs a large amount of memory to perform its best. With a 6 GB DDR3 RAM, the laptop gets enough power to pick up the pace for processing data and performing operations.

As for the storing capacity, you get a 1 TB Hard Disk Drive which is more than enough for everyday use and downloads. The Graphic Processor of a laptop decides the quality and speed of image transitions on the screen. This laptop has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 520. If you are using it for gaming, the frame rate will be reasonable at low settings while higher frame rates cannot be expected.

Also, HP provides a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 in this system that works well with this GPU’s performance and less demanding graphics. The graphic chipset is also good for video and photo editing and provides sound picture quality in videos and movies.

With the brand name of HP, you get the security of the Windows 10 operating system. Since it is a refurbished model, you can get a maximum battery life of 3 hours on average.


11. 2019 HP Premium 15.6″

2019 HP Premium 15.6"

When you are looking for the best gaming laptop under $500, do not expect a system with high end and powerful features. But it also does not mean you have to settle for below-average quality. HP has built a name for itself over the years and is able to come up with decent laptops for everyday use. One of its innovative creations is the 2019 HP Premium HD Laptop. It has a lot under its wing for a budget notebook.

HP gives you a 15.6 inches WLED backlight display with BrightView glossy screen and a resolution of 1366 x 768, which enhances your videos, photographs and games with rich colours. The laptop is designed with built-in stereo speakers for great sound quality for your movies, games and music. Even so, the laptop is portable enough with a thin frame of 0.9 inches and a weight of almost 4.52 pounds.

The CPU here is an AMD A6 9225 processor with two cores. With a base clock speed of 2.60 GHz and the maximum speed of 3.00 GHz, you know it will deliver the best performance for daily and basic workloads. When you download new applications and games to pass the time or for work, you do not want slow processing or lags in your computer. For that purpose, HP gives you a 4 GB RAM and a hefty hard disk drive of 1 TB. Now you can multitask and download without any concern for storage and speed.

The dedicated AMD Radeon R4 can give amazing results for basic tasks, like photo editing and casual gaming. The performance will be the best for simple graphics. But, if you are a gamer who likes indulging in a visual gaming experience, this might not be a satisfactory model for you.

For the software, you get the Windows 10 Home 64-bit and the internet security of McAfee Antivirus for 3 years.


12. Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop

Lenovo has presented the market with several computer systems that prove to be a good bargain for everyday users. In routine life, people look for convenience and efficiency and with Lenovo Ideapad S145 Laptop, you get both on a budget. This specific model is an upgraded version of the original to lend you better specifications and performance under $500.

The first thing that you look for in a laptop is its looks and the display. The sleek design imparts a modern personality and is sturdy enough to last for a long time. The compact construction fits a lot of components in its thin and lightweight body. Here you also get a 15.6 inches HD screen with a resolution of 1366 X 768. The WLED backlight and widescreen deliver a clear picture for a good visual experience.

An essential aspect of a laptop is its CPU. It should be powerful enough to process large amounts of information with ease. An AMD A6-9225 processor powers Lenovo IdeaPad S145 with a boost clock speed of 3.0 GHz and dual cores. Along with 8 GB SO-DIMM RAM, this laptop can carry out basic everyday tasks, from internet surfing to multiple downloads with speed.

In addition to the display qualities, your visual experience has a lot to with a laptop’s GPU. The bigger the numbers, the better graphics you will get. This laptop supports an AMD Radeon R4 Series graphics chipset, which enhances the viewing quality of every media.

The laptop also provides a large Solid State Drive of 256 GB. With such capacity, the downloading speed increases and it is also more user-friendly than an HDD since everything is stored in one drive.

You can work effortlessly with the Windows 10 Pro operating system, and a battery life of up to 5 hours. The latest Wifi standard and webcam let you stay connected with your friends and family and surf the internet with the highest speeds.


13. CHUWI Herobook

CHUWI Herobook

Nowadays, the market has seen a rapid rise in the demand for light notebooks. Preference has shifted to laptops, which can be easily carried around without a compromise on performance. CHUWI Herobook belongs to the category of a lightweight, high performance and budget laptop.

First, the display here is a 14.1 inches FHD IPS screen. The ultra-slim bezel design and 1920 x 1080 resolution offers fantastic visuals and 4k video playback. With features like anti-glare, night mode and colour adjustment, work on your laptop in any environment without straining your eyes.

The brains of this slim computer is an Intel Atom X5-E8000 processor with four cores and a turbo boost speed of 2.0 GHz. Along with the power of Intel, you get 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM for smooth processing of games and other media. These specifications will let you enjoy different types of editing software, games and multimedia.

In terms of storage, CHUWI Herobook has a 64 GB eMMC memory that provides enough room for your data and information. If you are a casual gamer, the Intel HD Graphics with a shared VRAM will give you reasonably sharp pictures and sound graphic quality.

Users will have an excellent experience with the Windows 10 OS operating system. CHUWI Herobook boasts of 30% longer battery output than standard computer systems. With its high capacity battery, you can expect a run time of up to 9 hours. The keyboard is spacious and spreads to full-size to give you a good typing experience. Even with a thin bezel, the laptop design includes a 0.3-megapixel camera to let you video chat and take memorable pictures.

In addition to all these top components, Herobook gives you the advantage of extra space. The laptop has a 128 GB TF card expansion and an independent SSD slot that supports an expansion of up to 1TB.


14. Lenovo Laptop Ideapad L340

Lenovo Ideapad L340

When it comes to budget laptops, Lenovo is also picking up the pace in the market. The Lenovo Premium Ideapad L340 boasts of AMD Ryzen 3-3200 Processor with a dual-core and a 2.6- GHz clock speed. With an anti-glare HD display of 17.3 inches and a resolution of 1366 x 768, movies, games, videos etc. can be a never-ending scenario.

You can always switch up to the Eye Care mode for uninterrupted entertainment without causing any harm to the eyes. The laptop makes your visual experience amazing with an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics and an 8 GB DIMM DDR RAM for quick and smooth processing.

For a gamer, this GPU can only prove to be impressive when it comes to casual gaming. High-quality graphics with high settings may not do well with such a graphics chipset. As far as the storage is concerned, you get a Solid State Drive of 128 GB for all your games and other important data.

This laptop supports a 720p webcam for easy video chatting and the latest WIFI standard of 802.11 that will always keep you connected with high speed. If you work with CDs and DVDs, this system will help you out with its multi-burner optical drive.

Audio quality is as important as the visual. With Lenovo’s advanced Dolby technology, you get a rich and powerful sound that enriches your gaming experience. Good battery life is a must for gaming laptops. Lenovo Premium Ideapad L350 gives you a 3 Cell Li-Polymer battery with a Rapid Charge function which can fully recharge the laptop within 2 hours.

For the operating system, you get the performance and trust of Windows 10 Home 64-bit. This laptop is perfect for school and work but its size and weight may not prove to be portable enough.


15. 2020 Dell Inspiron 

2020 Dell Inspiron 14 Inch Laptop

Dell has come up with a new product in the market that gives you a fantastic gaming experience while staying within the budget. The 2020 Dell Inspiron Laptop offers a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and is equipped with anti-glare technology to avoid any stress on the eyes. The processor you get here is the 10th generation Intel i5-1035G4 with four cores and 1.2 GHz clock speed.

This laptop works well with multitaskers and gamers as the i5 processor is matched with an 8GB DDR4 SDRAM. Intel UHD Graphics handles your gaming graphics with shared graphics memory. Dell knows that gamers are always looking for fast action so to deliver a quick response, 2020 Dell Inspiron is packed with a 128 GB Solid State Drive.

The laptop operates Windows 10 in S Mode which only raises the level of security and management. You can always switch to a standard Windows 10 by changing the settings. You also get several ports like HDMI, USB, a microphone jack, ethernet and card reader for easy connectivity. The laptop comes under a lightweight category, with a weight of only 3.68 pounds. Its portability is a plus and allows for you to get into the gaming action – even when not at home.


Enhance Your Gaming Experience With These Accessories

Once you have settled for your desired gaming rig, consider investing in some extra equipment. Whether you are a casual gamer or take it as a serious business, the excitement for a new match is always the same. Take this thrill to the next level with gaming accessories.

There is an array of gears available in the market. Some may prove to be an enhancement, while others just add a dose of comfort for the players. Such installations not only complete your gaming setup, but may also act as an upgrade to make up for any lack of specs that the system may have.Gaming accessories are an addition that you may choose to make. Depending on your preferences, go through the list to find a match for your gaming laptop.

1. Gaming Mouse

Just as the difference between a normal and gaming laptop is its speed, a gaming mouse differs from your everyday use mice in terms of responsiveness and of course, specifications. A gaming mouse is preferred by players who are into shooting games where it is all about accuracy. You cannot achieve such precision with just a touchpad.

These mice are known to be more durable and highly functional. The design is extremely user-friendly for long gaming sessions. They are contoured to fit the palm perfectly and cause little to no discomfort while using. You may even find a wide palm rest and extra padding for ease of gaming. They also have a more sensitive pointer speed with some models even offering DPI alterations as per need. Depending on your game requirement, a gaming mouse’s movement can be controlled from being resistant to frictionless.

An advantage of using a gaming mouse is convenience. The built-in buttons can prove to be a lifesaver. By choosing the function of the keys, you can find them useful for everyday tasks as well as during games. You can use them for mode shifts, game commands etc. If this is not enough customization, you can also decide the weight of your gaming mouse by adding weights for better control. An additional appeal of these gadgets is the RGB lights, which makes it sit well with other gaming gear.

2. Headset

Every gamer that you might have seen, no matter his level of expertise, always has a hefty looking headset around his ears. They are not meant only as a show, but contribute a lot to enhance the gaming experience. First, they are very light and comfortable. If you get too immersed in a game, you may end up wearing them all day.

For this reason, gaming headphones have soft padding and large ear cups to provide a comfortable fit. Also, to fit in with the latest trends, they come with attractive RGB lights, which can be customised as per preference.

Second, they are meant to give you real-life experience with great sound. Gaming laptops usually come with quality speakers, but headphones create a whole new atmosphere. The software of gaming headsets is meant to offer a convenient experience. With excellent noise cancellation and surround effects, you feel like you are in the game.

The delivered sound is clear which helps in locating friends and enemies during gameplay. Some headset models even come with DAC which adds to sound enhancement during games without additional software downloads.

You also need to maintain communication during an intensive game session. With built-in microphones, it is easier to stay connected during multiplayer matches.

3. Gaming Router

If you are a fan of online gaming, you know the importance of fast connections. While casual gaming can work just fine with a regular router, you may need something extra for a good quality experience. For players who always want sharp and quick graphics on their screen, an investment in a gaming router would be beneficial.

These routers are tweaked with settings that only enhance performance. You get the latest Wifi standards here of 802.11 ac that increases your data throughput. These models are also designed with powerful CPUs and RAM to not only provide speedy internet, but also handle multiple connections at a time. During intense gameplays, players look for responsiveness and gaming routers give you this advantage by decreasing latency.

A gamer wants the best under his belt. With a gaming router, you are allowed to make several customizations. You can prioritize data traffic according to IP, specific game or app etc. to get internet speed where it is required.

4. External Hard Drive

While your high tech gaming laptop may have enough storage, with time and use you will find the need to increase your storage capacity. The best option for this is investing in an external Hard Disk Drive. It is highly functional and convenient. HDDs can be anywhere from 1TB to 16 TB in size. Not only are they spacious, but also are way lighter on your wallet than an SDD.

Every gamer must keep an external HDD around as it is very advantageous.

Since games are getting bigger and better, with some of the best graphics and software, you cannot pack them all in on your gaming system. This may cause lags and slower processing. With an external HDD, you can store all your heavy games out of your system. Also, you can always buy more if required.

One of the greatest benefits of an external HDD is that you don’t have to rely on internet connections for games. After you download your data onto the drive, access it anywhere and anytime with speed. HDDs are also very portable as they can be connected to different PCs and servers. These drives are also preferred by console gamers, rather than casual ones as they require more memory to work smoothly.

5. Monitor

Gaming laptops can support displays of high definition and the latest technologies, but they are still no bigger than the standard 17 inches. Better your gaming experience by widening your screen space with an additional monitor.

You can consider them an upgraded version of your laptop screens. They have a higher refresh rate so expect no lags and blurs in your visuals. Even the most demanding games will deliver better framerates and better image quality on such large screens.

These monitors are also equipped with eye care technologies like anti-glare and Blue Light Controls, to reduce strain. Such widescreen are not only good for games, but they will also enhance your movie nights and all other routine works.

6. Webcam

A webcam may prove to be an amazing tool for gamers who want to interact with their audience. Also, game streaming is in vogue nowadays. All mainstream and pro gamers are streaming their faces and reactions during gameplay to expand their viewers and increase engagement. For such interactions, your normal webcam, the one attached to your system, may not be the best choice. While it may give you reasonable results, an attachable webcam will give you even superior video quality.

They are designed with the latest technology and software for high-quality performance and ease of use. Most of the webcam models come with HD video recording and autofocus setting for impressive visuals. They are also the perfect pick if you are looking to get good frame rates while streaming. The built-in microphone can also be of great use for people who use webcams for video conferencing.

You may even get light correcting software that will deliver the best colours and tones on the screen even in a poorly lit environment.

The webcams have compact designs so you can easily attach or remove them and take them wherever you go.

7. Gaming Keypad

You will find a lot of gamers who prefer mechanical keyboards than the inbuilt one in a gaming laptop. There are several reasons for the same. First and foremost is the improved gaming experience. While most keyboards on gaming laptops are made for every level of gameplay, intensive sessions will find better results on a mechanical keyboard.

Almost every model is equipped with RGB lighting. It not only increases the appeal, but also has functionality. You can customise the light settings into different colours, and even make only specific keys light up during certain games. You will also find customizable macro keys in almost all the models of mechanical keyboards.

This gaming gear also gives more accuracy and better feedback which makes it more reliable among the players. Some may even support ultra-fast actuation for games that require fast reflexes. Certain models have their own storage that allows saving different profiles for different games which can be activated by a keypress.

If you are not a frequent gamer, you can always switch up to the game mode when required. A mechanical keyboard is also known to be way more durable and long-lasting than a regular one.

8. Portable Laptop Charger

Power banks are a craze for all technology users. Batteries can die on you and you do not want to miss out on things or stay standing next to a wall for a long time. Similarly, for gamers, battery life is very important. Games can be very draining on your laptop’s power. Especially ones which are loaded with intense graphics. While most players always keep their systems plugged in, low power can be a hassle when you don’t have a power outlet nearby.

This is where portable chargers save the day. Whether you are travelling, on your way to work or experiencing a power cut, with portable chargers you can recharge anywhere. They may be a little bulkier than normal portable batteries, but it can keep your laptop running for a long time. Some models even support fast charging technology and several types of ports to give you connectivity and quick charge.

9. Cooling Pads

One of the most common scenarios in laptops is the production of heat. When the hardware works, they are bound to warm up with use. This is not a serious problem in everyday-use laptops but for gaming laptops, it may cause some issues. Since gaming systems are packed with much more powerful components, overheating can occur and may even damage the system. Most of these laptops are equipped with built-in fans but a cooling pad only increases and improves the process.

If you are a laptop user who likes to lounge in bed or sofa while enjoying a movie or game, you must try using a cooling pad as the fabric or hard surface may obstruct the airflow of your system. Cooling pads are known to lower the core temperatures as well as reduce external heating. This helps in avoiding lags and screen freeze during use. It maintains a secure airflow to improve performance even while running heavy games. You can always adjust the fan speed as per your comfort.

These pads are also user-friendly and act as a comfortable laptop stand.

10. Controller

If you are the one who does not sit well with a keyboard or mouse for gaming purpose, try using a controller. These are designed for the comfort of the user. They sit well on the hands and can be used for a long time for intense gaming.

For games involving fighting, driving and even shooting, this can prove to be a good investment. Gamers are always looking for fast action and good responsiveness. These controllers have good feedback settings which are enhanced in some models with vibration motors. With some brands, you can get the facility of customization. You can switch several parts of the controller as per your preference.

These controllers can come in both wired and wireless variants. They are convenient and easily attach to any gaming laptop. They are also way cheaper than keyboards and gaming mice.


When you are buying something new and putting in your hard-earned money, it is good to take your time before settling for anything. In terms of technology, it may get a little confusing to choose what is best. Especially, when you are on a budget, you may not get everything.
To buy the best gaming laptop under $500, look through the budget deals in the market that offer a good amount of specifications. Start with outlining your needs and follow this article to move further.

It is important to note that the laptops that may work well for your basic tasks like online surfing, movies, typing etc. may not deliver as impressive results for games. Also, depending upon the setting you use for gaming, results may differ from product to product. Make sure to go through all the important factors before finalizing your choice. With detailed information to all the specifications of the top gaming laptops in a budget, this guide will ease your search for your perfect gaming rig.