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Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Cooler Master2. HAVIT3. TECHNEK
Cooler Master NotePal best laptop cooling padHAVIT Slim Laptop CoolerTECKNET Notebook Cooler

More and more people are moving from using computers to mobile devices, and, while tablets and smartphones are great for social media, laptops are the true portable computing powerhouses of our days. As these devices become increasingly powerful, they also produce more heat, which makes finding the best laptop cooling pad a priority for anyone who wants to avoid damaging their CPU and GPU due to high temperatures.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that laptops are specifically designed to run at higher temperatures when compared to desktop computers due to the fact that there is less space to direct airflow through. Most models come with one or two fans that help keep the internal temperature below certain thresholds, but these are not always enough.


Laptop cooling pads may seem simple, but there are many things that you should take into consideration in order to ensure that the model that you choose will be able to efficiently cool your laptop. Also, there are situations in which a cooling pad may not even be required.

These accessories are meant to serve several functions, from holding the laptop in a more comfortable position, to ensure that its processors run at an optimal temperature, but overheating can be resolved in more than one way.

We will look at the situations in which you need to get a cooling pad and at what to look for, depending on your type of laptop. We will go through the best models that are available on the market.

What To Look For In A Quality Cooling Pad?

There are hundreds of cooling pad models to choose from, however, not all of them are created equal. A good cooler should serve several purposes and should ideally be designed for your type of laptop. These are the main things that you have to look for in order to ensure that you get the best laptop cooling pad for your particular device:

1. Size

The size of the cooling pad should be the same as the base of your laptop. If you get a smaller cooler, then there is a chance that it won’t be able to support it properly and your device might fall over. Also, the size of the cooling pad can have a huge impact on its ability to lower the temperature of your laptop;

2. Materials

Most cooling pads are made from plastic due to the fact that the material is light and relatively durable, however, if you want a product that will last for several years then you may want to look for a cooler that’s made of metal. There are products that are made from various alloys that are harder to damage and can hold larger weights;

3. The Number Of Fans

The number of fans that the cooler cannot only influence the mode-ls ability to lower the temperature of your laptop, but also determine the surface area that it covers and the amount of air that is pushed towards the case of your device. It is usually better to look for cooling pads that have fans close to where the CPU and GPU of your laptop are. Alternatively, you can get a model that has fans directly underneath the cooling fans of your device;

4. Power Input

Keep in mind that most cooling pads do not come with batteries and need to be connected to your laptop through USB cables. This means that they will draw power from your device’s battery. Always look for information regarding how much power a cooler may use. Bigger models that have a larger number of fans or ones that have a higher speed will drain your laptop’s battery in addition to the amount of power that is used in order to keep the device running. This can essentially cut battery life by as much as 20%;

5. Ports

Most laptop coolers do not run on batteries and will have to be connected to your machine using a USB cable. This means that you will have one port less that you can use in order to connect other devices. Look for models that also have USB output ports that will basically allow the cooling pad to also act like a USB hub;

6. Fan Speed

The speed at which the fans speed varies from one product to another. Higher speeds will direct more air toward the bottom of the laptop, cooling it more effectively. However, faster ones also use more power. Try to find a balance between speed and power consumption;

7. RGB Lighting And Additional Features

More expensive cooling pads come with a wide variety of features such as RGB LED lighting and even charging pads for smartphones or heated mug holders. Don’t forget that these can considerably increase the power consumption of the cooler and may deplete the battery of your laptop faster. If you want a product that will stand out, then look for one with RGB lighting, but avoid other power-consuming features;

Generally speaking, the best way to approach buying a new cooling pad for your laptop is to keep in mind that it has to primarily keep your device from overheating. In other words, get a product that does what it is supposed to, and only then look at additional features. There is no use getting a cooler that has LED lighting, wicked fan design but is too weak and inefficient to cool down your laptop.

What Laptops Need Cooling Pads?

If you’re considering buying a new cooling pad, you have to keep in mind that not all laptops require them. There are two main types of laptops when it comes to how they are cooled:

1. Actively Cooled Laptops

These have active cooling systems in the sense that they have built-in fans that draw in air and push it through radiators that are connected to the main processors of the unit. As the air passes through the device it cools the laptop. You can easily find out if you have an actively cooled model by looking at the case and listening to the sounds that it makes. If you see intake grates, hear a fan, or feel hot air pushed out of the laptop when it is running, then you’ve got an actively cooled laptop;

2. Passively Cooled Models

Passively cooled laptops do not have fans but use the structure of their case as a giant radiator. This means that the case will get hotter than the models that are actively cooled, but they do not waste power on spinning fans. Usually, only ultrabooks and laptops that are designed to be highly portable are passively cooled due to the fact that their CPUs generate less heat than those of other models;

In most cases, cooling pads should only be used with actively cooled laptops due to the fact that they generate more heat and that the integrated fans will be able to use the increased airflow provided by the product.

When it comes to passively cooled laptops, you can use coolers in order to keep their temperature under control, however, remember that these devices do not have channels that the air can flow through. The best laptop cooling pad for fanless models will be the one that can cool down the entire underside of the machine, so your best bet is to look for products that have a single, large fan in the center

That having been said, look at your laptop’s case before buying a cooling pad. Once you identify the air intake grate, look for a product that has fans that would fit under that point. Also, keep in mind that gaming laptops have a dedicated video card that usually comes with a GPU that gets almost as hot as the CPU. Even if the CPU runs cold, heat may still leak from the video card and raise the temperature of the entire device.

If you have a gaming laptop and want to efficiently cool it, get a pad that has fans that can move air towards both the CPU and the GPU.

As for passively cooled machines, these do not usually require coolers. Their case doubles as a heat dispersal system and their processors generate low amounts of heat. However, if you find that your machine gets hotter than it should, or if you want to run processor-intensive software on it, place them on a solid surface when using them, so that their rubber feet will keep the case from touching whatever is underneath. Cooling pads will be inefficient when it comes to these models, but you can use them in order to avoid burning your skin with the hot case when holding the machine in your lap.

Top 15 Best Laptop Cooling Pads 2020

1. Cooler Master NotePal

Cooler Master NotePal best laptop cooling pad

An extra-slim laptop cooler that is designed to be as discreet as possible

The Cooler Master NotePal is designed to fit laptops of any size up to 17 inches. The model is covered with a metallic mesh that allows heat from the device’s case to dissipate with greater efficiency and comes with a large, integrated fan that is positioned in the center of the cooler. Also, the fan can spin at 1500 RPM, which is more than enough for most laptops.


  • Slim design – The model is 46 mm thin and weighs only 1.5 lbs, which makes it easy to carry around without having to get a larger laptop bag;
  • Large central fan – The central fan is large enough to blow air on the entire underside of the laptop, cooling all of it at once and sending air into the device’s intake grates;


  • Not designed for performance – The single-fan design is great for general purpose machines that do not get burning hot, however, it is not efficient enough for gaming laptops;

What Makes It Different?

The Cooler Master cooling pad is light and surprisingly thin, making it great for individuals who always have their laptops in their backpacks. While it is not powerful enough for gaming models, it will make a big difference when used with normal machines.


2. HAVIT Slim Laptop Cooler

HAVIT Slim Laptop Cooler

A cooling pad that comes with 3 quiet fans

Featuring 3 ultra-quiet fans that produce close to no sound, and an ergonomic design that has been designed for portability, this HAVIT model has been built for a wide variety of situations. Furthermore, the product comes with a built-in USB hub that not only give you back the use of the laptop port that the cooler would occupy but also allows you to connect an additional device.


  • Silent operation – The fans produce very little noise, making it great for use in a classroom or a study group;
  • Shield holsters – The model comes with the ability to choose between one of two positions to hold the laptop in, making it more comfortable when typing;


  • Mesh not really slip-proof – Devices with rubber feet will easily slip in the metallic mesh of the cooler, especially if it is placed at a higher incline;

What Makes It Different?

If you want a silent cooler, then the HAVIT model may be a good choice. The pad offers all the features that you would expect from a durable product but lacks many of the bells and whistles of more expensive models. Overall, it is the best laptop cooling pad for those who want a cooler that will not take away the use of one of the laptop’s USB ports and are not interested in additional features.


3. TECKNET Notebook Cooler

TECKNET Notebook Cooler

An efficient model that is designed for smaller devices

It can be hard to find coolers for smaller devices, however, this TACKNET Notebook Cooler is specifically designed to fit laptops that are between 12” – 16”. The model is covered with a metal mesh that allows air to be pushed upwards by the fans and also makes it easy for the case to radiate heat.

The lower section of the cooler is covered with a non-slip rubber that will prevent notebooks from slipping.


  • Compatible with Apple devices – The cooler is small enough to be used with MacBook Pro models, netbooks and ultrabooks;
  • 2 USB ports – The model comes with two USB ports that can be used to connect devices such as printers, SSD drives or a mouse;
  • LED indicator – An LED placed at the rear of the device lights up when the cooler is active;


  • Fan placement – Both fans are placed in the upper section of the cooler. This makes it impractical for models that require cooling across the entire bottom panel;

What Makes It Different?

The TECKNET Notebook Cooler is small and well designed, but it only works great with smaller devices. If you have more than one laptop, there is a chance that the pad will not fit both. Also, the cooler seems to have been specifically designed for Apple products due to the fact that it does not have an adjustable stand and if you use it with a thick laptop your wrists will be in an uncomfortable position.


4. KOOTEK Laptop Cooling Pad

KOOTEK Laptop Cooling Pad

A cooler that comes with a durable, adjustable hinge and five fans

The five fans of the KOOTEK model not only makes it more efficient at cooling laptops that overheat regularly but also allow it to fit devices of more than one size. For laptops that are 14” and above, all 5 fans will be able to cool down their internal components, and smaller netbooks that are between 12” and 14” will benefit from the larger central blades.


  • Adjustable stand – The ability to set the stand in 6 different positions is great for gaming sessions, as well as for work;
  • Durable construction – Both the stand, as well ase hinges, are built to withstand a lot of weight so any type of laptop can be used with the cooling pad;
  • 5 fans – The fans are evenly distributed, with the largest one in the center of the device. This means that it can cool any laptop regardless of the position of the air intake grates;


  • USB 2.0 ports – Most portable drives will not be compatible with the spare ports offered by the cooler;
  • Very bright LEDs – The LEDs that light the fans are too bright to be able to fall asleep with while in a dark room;

What Makes It Different?

This is one of the best laptop cooling pads for general use. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and the stand is rugged and will not break after a few months of abuse. Also, if you’re looking for something that has great LED lighting but can’t afford a model that comes with RGB lights, then this product may be an interesting choice.


5. AICHESON S007 Laptop Cooling Pad

AICHESON S007 Cooling Pad

A cooler that comes with two 1000RPM fans and blue LEDs

The S007 may not look like much, but it is highly affordable and has a lot to offer in terms of quality-of-life features. The model is powered using a pass-through USB cable, which allows another connector to be plugged into it. This means that you don’t have to worry about cable management and decide what to plug into the laptop and what to connect to the ports offered by the cooler.

Also, the two 1000 RPM fans are 4.3” in diameter and are positioned in the central area of the cooler, making it useful for laptops of all sizes.


  • Pass-through USB port – The cooler does not have integrated USB ports, however, you can plug another connector into its power cord;
  • 4.3-inch fans – The two fans can easily cover the entire lower area of a laptop;
  • Lightweight design – The cooling pad only weighs 1.1 lbs.;


  • Not great for heavy devices – Devices that are heavier than a MacBook Pro, such as a TIVO will make the metal mesh curve inward and block the blades of the fan;

What Makes It Different?

Easily one of the best laptop cooling if you’re on a budget, the S007 may not have a multi-position stand or an integrated USB hub, but it gets the job done and is extremely affordable.


6. TECKNET Chill Mat Laptop Cooling Pad

TECKNET Cooling Pad

A cooler model that features high-speed fans and bright LED lighting

As far as laptop cooling pads go, the TECKNET Chill Mat offers a good balance between price and quality. The model fits 12” and 17” laptops and comes with two adjustable height settings that make it easy to keep your device in a comfortable position when gaming or working. In terms of internal components, the cooler contains 3 1200 RPM fans that produce very little noise, 2 USB ports that are placed at the rear of the device and blue LEDs that serve as indicators to let you know when the product is turned on.


  • Rear USB ports – The two USB ports are placed at the rear which makes cable management extremely simple;
  • 3 powerful fans – Each of the 3 fans spins at 1200 RPM, which is more than enough to cool any type of laptop, including gaming ones. Also, their placement aligns perfectly with the standard locations of the CPUs and GPUs of most laptops;
  • Front stoppers – There are two rubber stoppers attached to the front of the cooling pad that can help increase the space between the laptop and the fans, as well as prevent it from slipping off;


  • Power switch on the back – Powering the pad on and off will require you to reach around the laptop in order to hit the switch. The same goes for connecting and disconnecting cables from the additional ports;
  • Cheap stoppers – The two rubber stoppers at the front are simply glued on and there is a chance that they will detach after a while and fall off, especially if you have a heavy laptop and a lot of weight is placed on them. You can glue them back on, but it would have been better if they were actually integrated into the product;

What Makes It Different?

The TECKNET Chill Mat is a good choice – if you just want a powerful cooler that gets the job done without having to go through various settings or do a lot of setup work. Also, keep in mind that the LEDs are designed to indicate the fact that the pad is working. They are not attached to the fans, so once you place your laptop on top, there will be only a small amount of light that will bleed through the sides, front and back.


7. TREE NEW BEE F003 Cooler

TREE NEW BEE F003 Cooler

A pad that’s designed for 15.6” devices and has an anti-slip surface

The F003 is designed to fit only small and medium laptops that go up to 15.6 inches. The model has two plastic stoppers at the front that can be pulled up when needed and its surface is covered with a metal mesh that allows the air from its two powerful fans to hit the entire base of the laptop. The USB power cable is integrated into the case and can be hidden when not used.

Although it may lack some features that other devices come with, this is the best laptop cooling pad for anyone who is on a tight budget. The model is extremely affordable, when compared with others in the same category and can get the job done without any issues.


  • Small and portable – The cooler has a sleek design and rounded corners, making it easy to carry in a bag or backpack;
  • Ergonomic design – The edges of the model are rounded – so there won’t be anything that might dig into your wrists after using your laptop for a while;


  • No additional USB ports – Using the device means that you will have to sacrifice a USB port on your laptop. This may be problematic for individuals who have to connect several peripherals to their device and do not have enough ports;

What Makes It Different?

It is important to mention that the F003 is not the most powerful cooling pad on the market, however, it is one of the more affordable ones. The product caters to individuals who do not want to spend a lot of money and, more importantly, do not have a huge laptop overheating problem. This having been said, most laptops that are smaller than 15.6 inches rarely have integrated video cards or other gaming components, so the two fans in the F003 should be more than enough.




A model that features 1300 RPM fans and a non-slip baffle that can hold your laptop in place

Although it is simple in terms of design, the ultra-portable C302 from TOPMATE is one of the slimmest models currently available on the market. It comes with two large fans that spin at 1300 RPM and are perfectly balanced, so they do not create any noise, even after hours of continuous use. Also, the entire device only weighs 1.1 lbs., making it easy to carry along with the laptop in a bag or backpack.


  • Powerful and quiet fans – The 1300 RPM fans are extremely quiet and can easily reduce the temperature of most laptops;
  • Composite USB – The power cable of the device comes with a unique design. You can basically connect it to the laptop and then plug in another USB in it;


  • Not for gaming devices – The two fans are not fast enough to be efficient when it comes to cooling down a gaming laptop that also has a dedicated video card;

What Makes It Different?

Small, light, and easy to use, the C302 is great as a general-purpose cooling pad if you have a laptop that tends to get hot every once in a while. It is easy to carry it with you wherever you go and the composite USB port will allow you to connect an additional device to your laptop.


9. OTIMO Laptop Cooling Pad

OTIMO Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooler that doubles as a stand and comes with an adjustable hinge

When it comes to laptop coolers, greater flexibility is usually better and this ORIMO model has a lot to offer in this regard. The pad is compatible with devices that are between 12” and 17” and comes with a stand that can be set to 6 different positions. Also, the model features two stoppers to hold the laptop in place if the incline is too large and it begins to slip.

As for its cooling capabilities, the model contains 4 smaller, 2000 RPM fans that are placed in the corners and a larger 1000 RPM one in the center. The ultra-quiet fans each have blue LEDs attached to them, that light up when the cooler is on.


  • Durable stand – The stand is durable enough to hold even heavy devices such as gaming laptops without bending or flexing;
  • USB ports at the back – There are two USB ports located at the back of the cooler that make it easier to connect additional devices to it;


  • Power switch located at the back – You will have to reach around the cooler every time you want to turn it on or off.

What Makes It Different?

The OTIMO Laptop Cooling Pad is large, durable and powerful enough for anything from an ultrabook to a gaming laptop. The angled stand makes it great for viewing movies and applications that require the screen of the laptop to be higher, such as graphical design or video editing. Also, with the exception of the blue LEDs, the model does not have any sort of embellishment, so it will easily fit in a business environment.




An advanced cooling stand that comes with a temperature sensor

The Massive TM model from THERMALTAKE is considered to be the best laptop cooling fan system in terms of performance and durability. The device itself looks like a piece of aerospace tech, with a control panel at the front and a large aluminum section in the center. There are 4 thermal sensors that double as support feet that can be moved in order to hold devices of various sizes and two fans are controlled by a thermal sensor that sets their speed, depending on how hot your laptop gets.


  • Great compatibility – The ability to move the individual supports makes it great if you have multiple devices of varying sizes;
  • Accurate temperature sensor – The sensor can tell you the exact temperature of your laptop, letting you decide when you should start or stop the fans;
  • Two USB ports – The USB ports are located at the back of the device, making it easy to manage the cables of connected devices;


  • No LEDs – There is no LED lighting for the fans of the cooler;
  • Glued feet – The feet of the cooler are glued on and may fall off after a while;

What Makes It Different?

The Massive TM model from THERMALTAKE is great for anyone who needs an autonomous cooling solution for their laptop. The ability to have it automatically controls the speed of the fans – means that you will be free to focus on your work, rather than have to keep an eye on the temperature of the laptop.


11. NOBEBIRD Laptop Cooler

NOBEBIRD Laptop Cooler

A large cooling pad that comes with extra quiet fans and multiple operating settings

NOBEBIRD has found the perfect balance between price and features with its gaming laptop cooling pad. The device is large enough to be used with laptops as big as 17.3 inches and a durable stand that has 7 height settings. Furthermore, the product comes with 2 built-in USB ports and a fan speed controller.


  • Large and customizable – The cooler works great with any type of laptop and the ability to incrementally change its height makes it ideal for both gaming as well as watching movies or typing;
  • Nylon-braided cable – The power cable is durable and does not tear, scratch or break easily. Also, you can store it in the integrated cable box of the product;
  • Great LED lighting – There are LEDs mounted on each of the fans and they all look great when spinning;


  • Bad USB port placement – All the ports are on the right side, which is impractical for modern laptops that have almost all ports on the left;

What Makes It Different?

If you’re looking for a powerful model that also looks great, then this may be the best cooling pad for a laptop, regardless if you use it for gaming or just day-to-day web browsing. The stand is durable, the fans are silent, and you can select one of 3 operating modes.


12. NNEWVANTE Bamboo Cooling Pad

NNEWVANTE Bamboo Cooling Pad

A laptop cooler that has a vented design and is made from actual bamboo

This one caters to those who want a cooler that is truly unique in terms of aesthetics. The shell of the pad is made entirely out of bamboo and is powered using a retractable USB cord that is easy to put away while carrying the cooler. Also, the cooling pad can hold laptops that are up to 15.6 inches and the fans produce very little noise.


  • Durable – Bamboo is known for its durability. Also, the entire construction of the device is basically woodworking, so you can be sure that it will last for a long it;
  • Retractable USB cord – The USB cable gets pulled in the fan case when you do not use the cooling pad;


  • Lack of features – The cooler looks great but lacks any type of advanced feature. The fans are not particularly powerful and there is only two of them – which may not be enough for some machines;

What Makes It Different?

While this model doesn’t have a lot of features when compared to other models, it is widely considered the best laptop cooling pad for machines that don’t necessarily need cooling as much as they require a stable, angled base. The Bamboo Cooling Pad isn’t anything to write home about, but it is durable and looks great, especially if paired with the sleek design of a MacBook.


13. KLIM Cyclone Laptop Cooler

KLIM Cyclone Laptop Cooler

A powerful model that is designed specifically for gaming machines

Finding the best gaming laptop cooling pad is always difficult due to the fact that powerful fans are required as well as the ability to cover a large area. Some products such as the Cyclone model from KLIM do both of these things without any problems. This is a laptop cooler that is built to last and contains 4 2200 RPM fans and one that spins at 1200 RPM.


  • Great compatibility – The positions of the fans make the cooler compatible with laptops that range from 11” to 17”;
  • 2200 RPM fans – The fans are powerful enough to keep even the most powerful gaming laptops cool and to prolong their life expectancy;
  • The USB hub and frontal tab – The device comes with a frontal tab to hold the laptop in place and two USB ports that will allow you to connect additional devices;


  • Expensive – The model is very powerful, however, it is one of the more expensive models on the market;

What Makes It Different?

The KLIM Cyclone is durable, powerful and has all the features that you need in order to ensure that your gaming laptop won’t overheat. The 5 fans are placed symmetrically, allowing cool air to be directed towards the entire base of your device.


14. EURPMASK Adjustable Laptop Cooler

EURPMASK Adjustable Laptop Cooler

A frontal cooler that is designed for a large variety of products

The Adjustable Laptop Cooler from EURPMASK has a design that is completely different from that of other products. The model is not meant to sit under a laptop but at its back. The cooler features a stand that extends from it and can hold a laptop, tablet or phone up so that its cylindrical fan can blow air towards it.


  • Multi-use – If you have a larger number of devices that tend to overheat, you can use this cooler and take care of all of them;
  • Compatible with tablets – This is one of the few coolers on the market that has been designed to also work great with tablets and smartphones;


  • Pricey – Although it has a unique design and great cooling power, this one may be a bit pricey for some;

What Makes It Different?

EURPMASK took the idea of a laptop cooler and redefined the concept. The model is great for a wide variety of applications, from cooling a laptop to using it as a regular table cooler. This having been said, the product is great if you are prepared to spend a little more on a device that will be useful in a wider array of scenarios.


15. I-STAR Gaming Cooler

I-STAR Gaming Cooler

A cooling pad that comes with extremely fast, 2500 RPM fans and an LCD display

Even the best laptop cooling pads tend to struggle when it comes to lowering the temperature of gaming machines. However, I-Star managed to design a cooler that not only looks like it was built for a showroom but also performs great. The model comes with 5 powerful fans that spin at 2500 RPMs each, and an LCD panel that allows the user to increase or reduce their speed.
Also, the cooler comes with 2 USB ports that are placed at the back of the device, so that the connected cables won’t get in your way.


  • Fast fans – The speed of the fans can be adjusted, which means that you can turn the RPM down when you’re not gaming and save power;
  • LCD control panel – The control panel shows the temperature of your laptop and also lets you change the speed of the fans, giving you a lot of control when compared to other similar products;
  • Durable stand – The stand is designed for heavy laptops, and won’t break, flex or wobble;


  • Must be carried with care – If an object pushes down hard on the mesh while the cooler is in your backpack it may cause the fans to shift and wobble when turned on;

What Makes It Different?

As far as performance is concerned, this is about as good as it gets. Although the cooler could have used a couple of red LEDs to match the color of the screen, it can easily lower the temperature of any gaming laptop that you may have.


Cooling Pads Aren’t Always The Solution

Cooling pads are useful if your laptop is overheating, but this might not necessarily be the best solution. It is important to understand why your laptop is running hot in order to be able to get the most out of your cooling pad. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you notice that your device is getting hotter and hotter as you use it:

Some Devices Are Meant To Get Hot

Every CPU and GPU has an optimal running temperature. These components get hot due to the fact that electricity passes through their transistors, which helps them process information. The more information that they have to process the more power they will use, which means that their temperature will increase. The processors must reach the optimal running temperature in order to efficiently process data;

When this happens, the laptop will get hot, however, manufacturers usually put safeties in place that ensure the case will not burn you. Be sure to look at the type of CPU and GPU that you have in order to determine what temperature is normal for them. Laptops are able to measure how hot their components get. Simply compare the values that you get with the ones on the manufacturers’ websites.

Laptops That Get Very Hot May Require Maintenance

CPUs and GPUs are usually connected to radiators that are meant to disperse the heat that they generate. This connection is made using thermal paste which is a material that has high thermal conductivity. After a certain period of time, this paste loses its conductive properties and starts drying up, which can lead to less and less heat being transferred to the radiators.
If you have had the laptop for a few years when it starts running hotter than normal, then it may be time to replace the thermal paste. This is usually done at a specialized repair shop, but there are tutorials online that can teach you how to do it by yourself.

Also, make sure that the fans that cool the device are not clogged up with dust and hair. Your device may run perfectly but get hot due to the fact that the system that is supposed to disperse the heat is not working properly.

Old Laptop Models Usually Have Heat Management Issues

Laptop technology has come a long way in the last decades and newer models have highly efficient heat dispersion mechanisms, however, this was not always the case. Older devices, especially ones that have cooling fans are usually prone to overheating due to design errors. These will run cool if you use them for basic tasks, but their temperature will quickly rise if you use processor-intensive applications.

In most cases, laptops that are older than 2017 will need an external cooling system in order to keep running as they should. Even the OSs that we use have become more resource-intensive which means that older laptops will get hotter than they used to just by browsing the internet or doing other basic tasks.

If this is the case, then it may be time to look for a new laptop that can run basic applications without struggling. A cooling pad won’t help older ones run better, it will only keep them from shutting down due to overheating.

Gaming Laptops Need External Cooling

Almost all gaming laptops run considerably hotter than regular models. This having been said, they are designed to do this and finding the best laptop cooling pad that you can get will not only help the processors maintain stable frame-rates while playing games, but will also keep the device from getting too hot to hold.

Gaming models usually have more than one fan, so keep in mind that you will have to look for a cooling pad that can feed additional air into these fans as well, so the design of the product is extremely important.

FAQs on Laptop Cooling Pads

1. Are Cooling Pads Good For Laptops?

Yes, and in some cases, they are completely necessary in order to run the machine at full efficiency. Cooling pads come in two varieties: conductive and electrical. Conductive models are filled with salts that can absorb heat from the device, however, these are only good for a couple of hours and tend to get hot, making it difficult to hold the laptop in your lap.

Electrical models use fans in order to push air towards the air intake grates of the laptop and the lower portion of the case. This can substantially cool the device which will, in turn, help the GPU output more stable frame-rates and prolong the life of your CPU.

Cooling pads are generally only useful in the case of devices that already have fans, however, the best laptop coolers can lower the temperature of any machine by around 10 degrees celsius.

2. Do Macbooks Need Cooling Pads?

Modern Apple products are designed to work without any type of external cooling system. While they do get warm when you run CPU or GPU intensive software, they are meant to and should never get too hot to hold in your lap.

Older MacBook models, especially ones that may have not been maintained and cleaned properly may require a laptop cooler, however, this generally only applies to machines that have built-in fans. Passively cooled ones should not have any sort of heat dissipation issues.

If you live in a particularly hot region, you may notice that the overall temperature of the laptop will be well above what it should normally be. In this case, it is advised to use a laptop cooler in order to prevent your device from being damaged by the heat buildup.

3. How Do I Keep My Laptop Cool?

There are a few things that you can do in order to keep your laptop from overheating, however, your best bet is to get a cooler. Here are some other methods that you can use in order to keep the temperature of your device under control:

  • Switch to “Power Saver” Mode – All laptops have a power-saving mode that limits the performance of the CPU, GPU and also decreases power to other components. Switch it on and your laptop should run considerably cooler than before;
  • Clean your laptop properly – Use a dust remover spray can in order to clean the laptop’s integrated fans as well as the grates and channels that the air flows through. Also, take the laptop to a service every 6-8 months in order to replace the thermal paste and clean any areas that you can’t get to without taking it apart;
  • Try working in a cool environment – Both actively and passively cooled laptops transfer heat to the air around them. If the air is already hot, then the transfer will be inefficient. Try working in a cool room or close to an air conditioning system that can blow cool air on the device;

4. How Can I Keep My Laptop Cool While Playing Games?

The best way to keep your gaming laptop cool is to use a cooler that has high-speed fans and a conductive, metallic surface. The fans will blow cool air into the laptop’s integrated fans and the metallic grate will help disperse the heat of the case. The best laptop coolers should be able to considerably lower the temperature of a laptop that gets burning hot when playing games.


Finding the best laptop cooling pad is easy if you know what to look for. Take our advice into consideration and browse through the products that we have reviewed. We have done our best in order to select only models that are as durable as they are good looking. Whether you’ve got a powerful gaming laptop that gets hot on a regular basis, or a normal machine that has slow cooling fans, one of these products can not only extend the lifespan of your device, but also help you get more table frame-rates when you play games.

Just keep in mind that the best laptop cooler is always the one that first does its job well, and only then provides additional functionality and features. Measure your laptop, get a model that fits and has fans under where the air intake grates will be, and consider if you really need the extra ports or LED lighting that some products come with.

When it comes to laptop coolers, it is generally better to pay a little more and get a more durable model than to get a cheap one that may only last for a few months before breaking. Also, don’t forget that if you want to use the cooling pad as a stand and have a particularly heavy laptop, you should look for a product that is made from aluminum or has durable hinges.