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Best Laptop Backpacks of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Matein2. SwissGear3. Yorepek
Business Anti-Theft Backpack By MateinSwissGear Travel Gear 1900 ScansmartWater-Resistant School Backpack

Buying a laptop is very easy nowadays, but maintaining the laptop for the best utilization is highly essential too. Laptops are fragile, and any electronic device for that matter can quickly stop functioning when they are not taken care of properly.

Laptops especially are manufactured using very complicated and small components, and with the slightest of negligence, they can stop functioning as expected, and their repair is costly affair too. Hence, keeping a laptop safe is one of the essential things one can do to avoid unnecessary expenses on laptop repairs.


What Backpack Really Is?

In lay man’s word, the backpack is a bag that can be carried on your back, with two shoulder straps and padded hip belt that divides the over all load of your bag evenly on your back. Amongst all, a laptop can be kept safe when you have the best laptop accessories. There are different kinds of backpacks that are available these days in the market, including smart ones, and buying the right one would certainly help you to keep your laptop safe from any damage.

Why Do You Need Backpacks?

1. To Keep The Laptop Safe

Of course, when you have an expensive laptop with you, it is mandatory to keep it safe, and that would happen only when you have a proper laptop backpack. Unless and until you have the right kind of backpack, your laptop is definitely not safe.

There are advanced laptop bags that are available these days, and one of them is the anti-theft backpacks. These are the backpacks that are made to keep your laptops safe. People may not be able to locate the zips in these bags, and also, these bags seldom come with side pockets. Hence, your laptop is pretty safe.

2. Comfortable

When you are having the best laptop backpack, it becomes easy for you to move around. Walking around with a laptop in your hands may be a bad idea. When you are moving around with your laptops in your hands, you may end up dropping them or even keeping them at places that aren’t safe. But, when they are kept in a backpack, it becomes easy for you to carry and also keep them in one place.

Well, these are some of the major reasons to have a laptop backpack. After knowing these things, don’t you think you must know the different ways to buy a laptop backpack? In the section below, we have written about the ways one can get a laptop backpack for themselves.

3. One Bag For All Needs

When you have a backpack for yourself, you would be able to carry everything in it, and you may not have to carry a separate bag wherever you go. Some laptop backpacks are pretty huge, and they could come handy when you want to carry something else apart from the laptop.

In the best laptop backpack, you can also carry all the other essentials related to your laptop. It will then also become easy for you to find them when you are in need. Hence, this is one of the reasons to have a laptop backpack.

4. Organised

When you have kept something in a sling bag or any other kinds of bags, digging up the bags is one of the most common things that would happen. But, when you have a laptop backpack, everything would be sorted and organized. When you need something, all you have to do is search in those compartments or pouches instead of the whole bag. It not only keeps the things organized; it would save a lot of search time as well.

5. Easy To Carry

When you are on a crowded bus or a train, it becomes difficult to manoeuvre with the other types of bags. These backpacks can either be held on to one of your sides, or you may just hang it on your shoulder. Also, when you have a backpack, it becomes pretty easy for you to manage your things as your hands would be completely free.

6. Weight Is Balanced

Since you would be hanging your laptop backpack on both your shoulders, it balances the weight equally. The same may not happen when you have any other kind of bag. You may have to end up carrying them using one hand, and this can lead to several other issues like back pain, stress, and overall body pain, depending on the weight being carried. Hence, a backpack reduces the effort, and it is also pretty comfortable.

7. Goes With Every Attire

With the stylish and the trendy backpacks available these days, a lot of people have dumped the ideas of having other kinds of bags. Since backpacks are the most comfortable and convenient ones, almost everyone has started using these bags. Some of the laptop backpacks are quite trendy, and they go pretty well with almost all kinds of attire. Hence, you do not have to worry about your looks as well.

8. Saves Money

Of course, when you have an all-purpose bag like a laptop backpack, one would start carrying it wherever they go. Instead of investing in several bags, all you have to do is buy a superior quality backpack and which would last for several years.

9. Versatile

When you have a backpack, you can use it for regular day traveling, and if there is a need, you can even carry them on a day-trip because this is a multi-purpose bag, and you could use it for storing anything. This option may be ruled out with the other bags. Hence, this is one of the greatest advantages when you have a the best laptop backpack.

Well, with so many advantages, a backpack can be one of the coolest things that you could ever wish to have with you, isn’t it? But, remembering everything mentioned above in this article could probably help you in buying the best laptop backpack. Let’s now look at the factors that will help you buy the best laptop backpack.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Laptop Backpack

1. Quality

Whenever you are planning to invest in a laptop backpack, you must ensure to pick one that is of high-quality. The product inside the backpack would be quite an expensive one. Hence, keeping it safe should be the first thing that should come to your mind when you are buying a laptop backpack. Hence, checking for the quality of the backpack for the materials used in manufacturing is very important.

2. Accessories

One of the most important accessories that have to come along with the backpack is the rain jacket. When you have a laptop, it is mandatory to find out if the bag is coming along with this or not. Else, you may have to invest in a separate rain cover for your laptop, and this can be quite an expensive affair.

3. Price

When you are investing in anything, it is important to check for the cost of the product, and the same applies to the best laptop backpack as well. When you are planning to get one, get a decent one that is affordable. As there are a lot of backpack manufacturers and dealers, it is important not to get cheated because each of them would have a different price tag. Hence, this is one of the important things to check when you are investing in a backpack for your laptop.

4. Brand

When you are buying for laptop backpacks, you must make sure that you are getting a branded one. Most of the laptop dealers themselves would have their company backpacks, and these are the best to invest in. If you do not find one, then you must always look for genuine products. Only when you do these checks, would you be able to get the best laptop backpack.

5. Compartments

Number of compartments is another important thing that you must check when you are buying a laptop backpack. You aren’t just investing in a backpack that would only hold your laptop instead;, you must get one that can hold your essential things as well.

6. Size

You must make sure to check for the size of the best laptop backpack when you are getting one because every laptop comes in different sizes. Hence, when you are buying a backpack, you must make sure to buy it in accordance with the size of the laptop. Buying a bag bigger than the laptop can be quite a bad choice because the laptop inside would start to shake; thus, getting damaged. If the backpack is too small then, the laptop would refuse to fit in. Hence, checking for the size of the backpack is essential.

7. Style

When you are having something or planning to invest in something, it is always good to get the ones that are stylish. The same is applicable to the laptop backpack as well. When you have a good-looking laptop, it becomes important to get a backpack that is suitable for the laptop. So, check for the latest design and trendy laptop backpacks when you are buying one.

8. Durability

Whenever you are buying the best laptop backpack, you must ensure the safety of the laptop. That would happen only when you have the right kind of laptop backpack. Investing in both the laptop and the bag time and again can be pretty much expensive. Hence, checking for the durability of the backpack becomes very important.

9. Colour

Some people are pretty fanatic about the colors that they buy. Gone are the days where the laptop bags were made in very few colours. Today, laptop backpacks are available in different kinds of colors, and you can choose to get one according to your choice and preference.

10. Extra Storage

It is always better to have a laptop backpack with some extra storage space. You can use this backpack for hiking as well. Hence, checking for the multi-purpose option or quality is one of the important tips that you must remember when you are buying a backpack.

11. Warranty

Some of the branded companies do offer a warranty on the backpacks that you buy. The warranty does cover a lot of things and can be quite beneficial as well. Hence, buying a backpack with a warranty is always a better choice because you may even get it replaced in case of any issues.

Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks 2020

1. Business Anti-Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack By Matein

Business Anti-Theft Backpack By Matein

If you are planning to gift a backpack to someone, then this is one of the best bags that you must invest in. A lot of customers love this backpack because of the features it has. One of the major features in this bag is the USB charging port. When you have your phone completely discharged then, this is the perfect bag to invest in. Most of the customers love this bag because of space and storage it has.


  • Anti-theft feature
  • Slim-fit


  • Slightly larger
    Stitch of the bag isn’t that great

2. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart

If you are looking for a comfortable bag and if you want to feel light as you walk around, then, the 1.SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart is the right product to invest in. This has been a favorite to a lot of laptop users because of its superior quality and durability. There are different models available in this backpack, and the dimensions are different. So, one can choose the bags according to their preference.


  • Trendy design
  • Can store both the laptop and tablet


  • The padding of the laptop is huge
  • Space is pretty lesser according to a few customers

3. Water-Resistant School Backpack With The USB Charging Port

Water-Resistant School BackpackWho wouldn’t love a backpack that has a USB port attached to it? You need not run around anywhere to get your phones charged now. All you have to do is get this fantastic bag that is water-resistant as well. The design of this bag is one of the best things that appeal to a lot of customers. There are different colours available in the bags, and that is another thing that makes a lot of customers want to buy this bag.


  • Spacious pockets to store things and other essentials
  • Pretty huge hence, a lot of items can be stored easily


  • Some customers have complained about the bag to be too huge.
  • At times, when heavy items are stored then, the pockets seem to rip off.


4. Kroser Nylon Business Laptop Backpack For Everyday Use

For all those girls who want to be a little classy and sassy together, having a laptop backpack like this would enhance your overall looks within the instance. This is one of the perfect backpacks made exclusively for girls and ladies to for everyday use. The water-resistant nylon laptop bag would appeal to everyone’s eyes because of the tremendous looks it gives when you wear them. With perfect material coupled with durability, this is probably one of the best laptop backpacks that one must-have.


  • The main compartment is completely padded offering cushion to everything that you store
  • Highly comfortable and also comes with a luggage strap that can be used with a suitcase or any baggage for easy movement.


  • A few customers have complained regarding the design of the bag as it can hold a laptop and a table.
  • This bag may not be suitable for those who want to carry a lot of weight.

5. Multi-Purpose Backpack With Great Looks By Tzowla

Multi-Purpose Backpack By Tzowla

This is probably one of the backpacks that have been a favorite to a lot of people. Keeping the design elements aside, the Travel Laptop Backpack should be bought by everyone who wants to flaunt an amazing look with a classy bag. It is made using high quality polyester fabric material and comes with lifetime quality assurance. Brand also provides 24 hours customer care service. The Water Resistant bag would allow you to keep your things safe.


  • An Anti-theft bag which can also be used for hiking purposes as well
  • Headsets can be kept safe, and you can remain hands-free when you are listening to music.
  • You also get convenient USB Port.


  • Some people have complaints regarding the size of the bag as the bag has a lot of storage space.
  • A few of them have complained regarding the non-functionality of the charging ports.

6. Kroser Large Computer Backpack

Kroser Large Computer Backpack

With ample storage space, this is one of the best backpacks that one must buy. This backpack can be bought by both men and women, and they come in a pleasant grey color. Hence, one can even think of carrying this backpack on a business trip as well. The bag looks formal and has a classy touch to it. With large-size compartments and pouches, it makes it easy to carry all the items at once. You can easily fix the laptop with trolley as it has well-knit luggage strap. Thus, it makes your travelling convenient and load free.


  • Classic appearance makes it great to be carried during formal occasions as well
  • One can keep a huge laptop inside this bag without any complaints as the design of the bag supports big laptops.


  • The bag isn’t completely waterproof, it is water-resistant hence, and one has to be careful during heavy showers
  • Some people seem to have issues regarding the bag being slightly top-heavy.

7. Lenovo Laptop Backpack With A Fantastic Design

Lenovo Laptop Backpack

Lenovo is one of the known brands in the areas of computers, and they make their own bags to suit the need of every customer. This laptop backpack has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of the current trend. The bag comes in grey color and is one of the best ones to be carried during a business meet or a client meeting. The bag doesn’t just look classy, but it is also one of the most comfortable bags to have.


  • The sleek design of the bag makes it one of the most desirable laptop backpacks
  • Made keeping in mind the trend, the style and the need of the present generation


  • Issues with the availability of colors in the backpack
  • One has to be slightly careful while storing something heavy in the side-pockets as the pockets aren’t made to carry such weight.

8. Slim Vintage Laptop Backpack By Mancio

Slim Vintage Backpack By Mancio

Made to suit the need of the current generation, the Mancio Slim backpack is one of the most desirable backpacks that everyone wants to have. The bag comes in several colors and offers a fantastic look when you carry them around. The material used to make this bag is pretty strong; thus, it would not be an exaggeration to call this bag a synonym for ‘Durability. The bag has total 5 Compartments, main laptop compartment can hold 15.6, 15 Inch,14 Inch and 13 Inch MacBook/Laptop , it also has 2 front zip pocket for your iPhone, iPad, pens, keys, wallet, books, clothes and has one bottle pocket each side for drink bottle and umbrella.


  • Magnetic buttons and zippers used in the bag make it more sophisticated
  • The colors are pretty appealing, and the bag is washable


  • Cannot be used for official purposes
  • The bag is pretty compact. Hence, storage of heavy items may be inappropriate

9. Travel And School Laptop Backpack By Kroser

Travel And School Backpack By Kroser

If you are looking forward to having a backpack that can be carried to your school, college or office and also during your travel, then you must certainly consider getting this stylish and spacious backpack. This stylish backpack is one of the most comfortable and convenient ones to be carried anywhere you go. This backpack has received great reviews based on the pockets, stitching, god material and great space.


  • The bag is compact and does not occupy a lot of space.
  • One can carry a water bottle as well in this bag.
  • It comes with USB port and headphone hole.
  • It is made of high quality water repellent Polly fabric to keep your laptop safe during rains.


  • The zippers are strong but, when the bag is overloaded they may rip apart
  • The bag is pretty compact hence;, storing a lot of things may be problematic.

10. XL Laptop Backpack By Kroser For Men/Women

XL Laptop Backpack By Kroser

The safe pockets with the RFID technology and the structure of this bag make it one of the best laptop backpacks to have by both men and women. The design of the bag and its extra-large size would allow you to store a lot of things easily. Thus, it is one the best laptop backpack available at amazon.


  • Can be used for traveling, hiking, and official purposes
  • RFID pockets can keep your cards, passports and other important ID cards safe
  • You get built in usb port to charge your mobiles.


  • Despite its XL size, a few people still complain about the bag to be small.
  • The sunglasses pouch in the bag doesn’t have a hard-protection.

Where To Buy A Good Quality Laptop Backpack?

1. Walk Into A Showroom

The first and foremost way to get a good laptop backpack is to walk into an exclusive showroom where the backpacks are manufactured. There are a lot of brands that are into the manufacture of the laptop backpacks, and getting the best one shall happen only when you walk into the showroom of a specific brand. Some of the brands would have a chain of stores, while a few brands would only have standalone ones. Hence, this is one of the best ways to acquire a laptop backpack.

2. Get It Online

Most of the online websites these days have started selling best laptop backpacks. There would be a lot of discounts and also offer prices on these bags. Hence, if you are looking to save some money then, buying the backpacks online can be one of the best ways.

3. Through The Company’s Website

Some of the companies that manufacture the laptop backpacks would have their own website as well. The company website would only have the latest and also some of the best designs that would be launched exclusively for that season. Also, when you order from the company’s website, you may even be able to get a customized one too. This option may not be available anywhere else. Hence, this is also one of the best options to get a backpack from.

4. Wholesale Dealers And Sellers

There would be a lot of dealers and wholesale best laptop backpack sellers in your locality. They may end up putting up a season end sale to clear the existing stock. The stock clearance goods are generally cheaper and can be affordable too. Getting a durable product for a lesser price would be quite possible when you choose to get a laptop backpack in sales.

FAQs on the Best Laptop Backpacks

1. Is It Possible To Get The Backpacks On Cash On Delivery?

Cash on delivery option totally depends on web portal you are buying your backpack from you will get to know if the cash on delivery is available on your backpack or not during check out. But most of the online portals nowadays provide the option of Cash on delivery to their users.

2. Can I Return The Product After The Purchase?

Most of the backpacks can be returned within ten days of purchase. But to make sure please read the company return policies before ordering the item.

3. Are All The Backpacks Waterproof?

No all the backpacks are not waterproof, some may be partially waterproof too. Thus, it is important to check the label before you buy a backpack. Only the best laptop backpack, will have high quality water proofing system.

4. Who All Can Use Backpack?

Backpacks are unisex products and anyone can use them despite of age and gender. They are convenient and provide great storage space.

To keep your laptop and other belongings safe and secured backpack is an essential product. If you are planning to buy a backpack then you can simply choose any of the best 10 backpacks we have shortlisted for you in this guide. All the backpacks were first shortlisted on the basis of thousands of reviews and then they were tested by our experts for hundreds of hours and then came out the list of 10 best laptop backpack.